BTS kick starts “2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY IN USA ‘Episode II. The Red Bullet’” in New York City

BTS kicked off the start of their first US tour, The Red Bullet, in New York City on July 16th, 2015.

BTS headed to Best Buy Theater in New York for their first stop in The Red Bullet tour. Dressed head to toe in uniform, the boys made a powerful entrance with “N.O,” followed by “We Are Bulletproof Part 2.”

After their efforts of getting fans excited and hyped up for the concert, they stopped for quick introductions which were given in English. While the members were not all fluent in English, they tried their hardest to communicate with fans directly.

Next up, the boys took off their jackets and revealed their dress shirt and black tie look while performing “We On” and “Hip Hop Lover.” But when things started heating up, BTS took it down a bit with their slow tracks, “Let Me Know” and “Rain.”

Stopping once again, the members of BTS played a short game of rock, paper, scissors, where the loser would have to do aegyo. Instead of saying “rock, paper, scissors,” the members instead said “rock, scissors, paper,” leaving the audience in laughter.

Pulling out some chairs and a bed, only six members were found on stage. Just a short moment later, Jungkook popped out of the bed, giving a “Blanket Kick” for irony. Keeping their promises from their small game beforehand, Suga and Jimin showed off their adorable aegyo during this song.

Fans managed to put together a small project for the next song where everyone held up a banner that read “Together with BTS for Just One Day” while “Just One Day” was being sung. Just as the music went on, the sea of people instantly raised their arms, revealing the heartfelt banner to BTS. Their excitement couldn’t be contained and BTS followed up with their upbeat and happy song, “Look Here.”

Then, it was time to give the spotlight to the vocal line of the group. Jin, Jungkook, V, and Jimin passionately sang the “Outro” from their album Dark & Wild.

Bringing it back to their debut days, BTS then hooked fans in with their classic “No More Dream,” where Jimin showed off his signature move from the song, lifting up his shirt for the audience. While the audience was still moved and excited, BTS then continued the night with “Tomorrow.”

However, the show isn’t as much fun if only the idols sang. BTS wanted to interact with their fans and asked their fans to help “create a new song” with them. Briefly giving practice time for the fans to prepare, BTS sang “Miss Right” with the fans, alternating turns throughout. The members were pleasantly surprised after they heard the crowd sing the song so well in unison and complimented on how amazing they were.

The collaboration didn’t just end there. Since the fans did just a great job with BTS, the members allowed the fans their own time to shine during “I Like It” and “If I Rule the World” as well. When it was the fans’ turn, the spotlight instantly changed from BTS to the audience, so the idols could get a chance to enjoy a show of their own.

Since the vocal line had their own time to perform, the rappers also got some personal spotlight. Rap Monster, J-Hope, and Suga kicked things up a notch as they enthusiastically sang “Cypher Part 3: Killer,” jumping and screaming for joy.

As the rest of the members returned onto stage, BTS then performed their more widely known title tracks, “War of Hormones,” “Danger,” and “Boy in Luv.” They wrapped up a memorable night while singing “Path” with their fans.

With the tour just kicking off, the next stop of BTS’s tour will take place at the Verizon Theatre in Dallas on July 18th. Following that, the boys will move on to their final two cities, Chicago on July 24th, and Los Angeles on July 26th.