24K hints at 2015 comeback in Christmas greeting video

The members of 24K are ready for Christmas as they released a Christmas greeting video for their fans on December 22nd. 

24K were seen in an all black suit, revealing their curiosity as to what fans would be doing during Christmas. Daeil said, “We should eat a lot of delicious food on Christmas,” while Jeonguk continued by saying, “And also spend time with family and friends,” and “Have a warm Christmas with family and loved person.”

As the video continued, Kisu hinted a possible comeback as he said, “24K will put a lot of effort in 2015 to promote our new album.

Earlier this year, the five member group released a preview clip for their 3rd album on their official Facebook, releasing the demo version of the track “Thinking of You.”

Meanwhile, 24K has not released a music video for their tracks since they released the music video for the adorable song, “U R So Cute” in July of 2013.