2AM Jinwoon Becomes “King” of Twitter with His Hilarious Responses To Fan Tweets

Jung Jinwoon is having fans in a fit of laughter with his random but witty responses he leaves on Twitter as he answers to random tweets.

The 2AM member and former JYP Entertainment artist is well-known among fans for randomly searching up his own name on Twitter and answering random things he finds during his searches. A fan has compiled a few responses from the artist in an online community board, putting fans in a fit of giggles as they read.

In one fan tweet, she tells her followers that her mother had stated, “My mom just said I only know Jung Jinwoon from EXO.. you seriously are trending these days,” and through his random search of his own name, the 2AM member replied with, “Yay, I just became [a member of] EXO.”

Image: Fan on Twitter – “My mom just said I only know Jung Jinwoon from EXO..you seriously are trending these days.”

Image: Jung Jinwoon’s tweet – “Yay, I just became EXO.”

In another found fan tweet, this fan asks whether he was in 2PM, 2AM or 2NE1. In response, Jinwoon writes, “2wice [TWICE]. 2weet searching shy shy shy.”

And when another Twitter user asks who Jung Jinwoon is, he wittingly replies with a short biography that describes his accomplishment in his career as both a singer and actor.

Read on for the remaining tweets!

Image: Fan’s Tweet – “Jung Jinwoon is trending these days, was he from 2PM, 2AM or 2NE1.”
Jung Jinwoon – “2wice”
Jung Jinwoon – “2weet searching shy shy shy”
Fan – “Celebrities shouldn’t make fun of stupid non-celebrities”

Image: Fan on Twitter – Who is Jung Jinwoon?
Jung Jinwoon – He was born on May 2, 1991 and debuted in 2008 with 2AM. In 2016, he became the dancing-god king of dancing and made history in the world of dance. Currently, he is working in variety shows, dramas, and music. He is currently promoting as a solo artist and is lonely.
Fan – “Sorry….I’m not familiar with celebrities… Ah, I’m embarrassed, I’m sorry.”

Source: Instiz