2AM’s Jinwoon reveals the number of relationships he has had

Things were going well for 2AM‘s Jinwoon on the second episode of JTBC‘s Dating Alone. Until the question about the number of girlfriends he has had popped up.

Jinwoon’s first virtual girlfriend on Dating Alone happened to be none other than APink‘s Jung Eunji. Her easy going personality brought Jinwoon confidence in his ability to woo her. However, he became stuck between a rock and a hard place when Eunji asked him, “Which number girlfriend am I?”

After a few moments of silence and internal panic, Jinwoon reluctantly admitted to having 3 or 4 relationships in the past. Whether or not these were with other celebrities has not been made clear.

Dating Alone has been gathering much attention for its format and new style of virtual dating. Its MC lineup consists of Kim Min Jong, Jun Hyung Moo, Sung Si Kyung, Jang Dong Min and Cross Gene‘s Shin. GOT7‘s Jackson was also featured as a guest, dating Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri. 

Source: My Daily