2BiC slays with their cover of “I’m Not the Only One”

For the 22nd installment of 2BiC’s A Song For You series, the power vocal duo delivered fans an impressive cover of Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One.”

2BiC’s trademark ballad tone suits the song well, singing the falsettos and low ranges carefully and emotionally. The black and white video and bright lighting give the track a hazy feeling, matching the blues and jazz tone of the simple yet crucial piano accompaniment.

After splitting the parts evenly in the first half of the track, the two give a haunting harmony that echoes the heartbreaking air of the lyrics and original track.

Many commenters left sentiments applauding the two for covering such a bold song and doing it justice.

Previous installments to their video series include “First Kiss.”

Take a listen at their impressive rendition here: