2BiC’s Junhyung and Jihwan to battle it out with solo albums

On March 9th, Nextar Entertainment announced that the members of 2BiC would soon be releasing solo albums.

The agency revealed that the two members of the vocal powerhouse duo would be unveiling solo albums in the coming weeks. Known for their soulful ballads and contributions to drama soundtracks, the duo will be facing off in this battle of solos. Although also loved for their amazing harmonies and great chemistry, fans can anticipate the colorful tracks Junhyung and Jihwan will share individually.

Member Junhyung will be kicking it off with his solo release on March 11th. Jihwan’s solo album will drop at a later time.

Meanwhile, 2BiC labelmate BlackSwan has been gearing up for their debut as well and gathering a loyal following by releasing short covers and clips to showcase their talents.

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