2BiC’s Junhyung launches solo promotions with “Bye Bye Bye” MV teaser

Male duo 2BiC is preparing for separate solo promotions with Junhyung kick starting their solo projects with the release of his title track’s music video teaser.

On March 10th, the talented 2BiC member and vocalist shared a heartwarming short teaser as he meets up with his singing partner Jihwan, the duo adorably smiling at one another after meeting in the middle. With an encouraging smile, Jihwan snaps his fingers to reveal the title track and a short, emotional, but powerful clip of Junhyung singing fills the air.

Junhyung’s solo song “Bye Bye Bye” is said to be a mix of the Beatles‘ 60s Vintage Rock genre and the African-American Blues of the 70s, and was composed by hit-pop composer Cho Young Su.

As the first solo release, “Bye Bye Bye” will be available to the public on March 11th on various online music sites.

Source: OSEN