2LSON and Kye Bum Zu show mutual support with “Crosscover”

The artists 2LSON and Kye Bum Zu showed their friendship and mutual support of each other’s tracks with a special “Crosscover” video.

In this special live performance video, 2LSON covered Kye Bum Zu’s “28.5” while Kye Bum Zu put his own spin on 2LSON’s recent track, “The End.” The artists brought fans their fun talents in the live recordings of the tracks.

The artists performed in a simple setting. With studio lights behind them and piano and guitar players, the ambiance of the recording perfectly fit the collaborative and mellow atmosphere of the two tracks and their respective artists.

Kye Bum Zu performed first, showing off his smooth vocals and quick rap to the jazzy trumpet line of “The End.” The camera used a duller color filter and handheld technique to give the performance a removed yet simultaneously moving feeling.

2LSON’s rendition of “28.5” began soon after. In contrast, this cover made full use of the bright studio lights, magnifying the bright colors such as the pink stools to match 2LSON’s soft and soothing vocals.

Check out their “Crosscover” video here: