2NE1’s “Fire” Remixed By (G)I-DLE Sends Everyone Down Memory Lane

Caution: major goosebumps ahead.

(G)I-DLE have been madly in love with Park Bom and 2NE1 since the beginning of the rising TV show Queendom. That is because, not only for (G)I-DLE but also for all girl groups participating in the competition, 2NE1 is a legendary sunbae (senior).


Queendom really brought the generations – of idols and viewers – together and created a place where girl groups can shine light on each others’ works. And in the latest episode, the throwback was real. (G)I-DLE covered 2NE1’s mega hit song “Fire” with their own spicy twist – and viewers had endless goosebumps throughout this tribute of a performance!


Park Bom seemed completely touched by (G)I-DLE’s stage as well. When Yuqi flaunted the iconic Sandara Park hairstyle, Park Bom UWU-ed all she could.

I want to record this and show Sandara!!!

— Park Bom


Other contestants were knee deep in memories too. MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa couldn’t keep her eyes off (G)I-DLE and commented what everyone must have been thinking in their heads:

Wow, this song is still so good.

— Hwasa


Viewers thoroughly enjoyed the throwback to 2011 when “Fire” lit Korea on fire!


All competition aside, 2NE1 fans couldn’t be any more proud of (G)I-DLE for bringing back one of their most beloved songs!


Watch the full performance here: