2NE1’s CL and Dara reunite in latest group selca

With all the members busy with their individual activities, it’s been awhile since Blackjacks have seen 2NE1 together.

On May 1st, Dara updated her Instagram and surprised fans with a selca of herself and CL, writing, “Two people who don’t know how to take a selca.. kukuku Still, it’s good to see us right?!?! >.< Good bam!!! Good night!!!”

Dara looking splendid in her casual outfit consisting of a white hoodie with her hair pulled back and minimal makeup. Standing next to her is leader CL decked out in a stunning black outfit and bright blonde hair, large sunglasses decorating her face as she purses her lips together for the photo.

Currently, CL is working hard to complete her American album for her debut while Dara is busy with her web dramas.

The two members attended BOON THE SHOP’s “OFF-WHITE” launch party held in Seoul, South Korea and were spotted alongside G-Dragon, Kiko Mizuhara and more. 

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