2NE1’s CL hits 2 million followers on Instagram

CL, the leader and main rapper of YG Entertainment’s 2NE1, has reached 2 million followers on her personal Instagram account!

On November 29th, the singer reached the 2 million follower milestone, even though she is not following anyone back. She is the first among the 2NE1 members to reach 2 million followers on Instagram, with Dara following closely behind with over 1.9 million followers.

CL has been busy working on her American solo debut with American talent manager Scooter Braun, but still finds time to periodically update her fans with photos on her Instagram account. The release of her American solo debut album is set for 2015, with plans of a single to be released prior to her full album.

Additionally, although YG Entertainment had stated that 2NE1 would not be attending any music award shows for the remainder of 2014, the group is currently in the running for the “Best Female Group” award for the 2014 MAMA.

If you haven’t followed CL yet, you can find her at @chaelincl.