[★TRENDING] 2NE1’s CL preparing to make her U.S solo debut under Scooter Braun

2NE1‘s CL will be making her big U.S solo debut early next year under Scooter Braun, who is also managing fellow YG Entertainment‘s PSY!

According to Korean media portal reports, CL has already completed various tracks set to be included in her upcoming album. However, CL is scheduled to release a single prior to the solo album as per usual in the U.S music entertainment trend.

The” baddest female” will be managed under Scooter Braun, who not only manages PSY but big stars such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and others. With Scooter Braun behind her, her solo U.S debut is highly anticipated and full of expectations. It is known that Scooter Braun was not only impressed with CL’s unique fashion, but her rapping abilities as well. The decision to carry her U.S solo debut came after being introduced through PSY.

As Blackjacks may know, CL is the most suited for a U.S debut as she is already well-versed and familiar with the English language, being multilingual.

CL’s U.S solo debut with her single is expected to come in early Spring 2015.

Source: Star News