2NE1’s Dara claims to have found her “long lost sister” on Instagram

Along with showcasing her drum skills on Instagram, 2NE1‘s Dara released a photo on July 25th, where she compared herself to a puppy.

The vocalist and actresses revealed a photo collage, showcasing and comparing her hairstyle to what looks to be a poodle’s hairstyle. Both Dara and the puppy had similar hair structures as the two rocked voluminous updos. Dara seemed to have found the similarities funny as she wrote “I….I think I finally found my long lost sister.”

Dara has been continuously active on her personal Instagram account as she recently shared multiple short clips of her showcasing her talents in drums. She showed off her drumming skills as she played it while 2NE1’s “Fire,” and “It Hurts” can be heard in the background.

Meanwhile, Dara is playing the role as the female lead on the web drama, We Broke Up along with the male lead and WINNER‘s leader Seungyoon.