2NE1’s Sandara Park Is In A Visual Class All On Her Own Even During Her Debut Days

Sandara Park of 2NE1 is well-known for her youthful beauty, and even after reaching the age of 30, continues to retain it. 

On an online community board, fans pointed out her everlasting visuals as they posted a series of image captures from the girl group’s reality television show that first aired following their debut in 2009. Titled 2NE1 TV, the image captures features Sandara during the show’s second season, recording herself in a car as she speaks to viewers with a, “Hello, good morning. Hello, good night,” before continuing on to speak what she would be doing for the day.

Looking as if she was still in her teenage years, fans were surprised to find out that she is in fact about 26-years old in the image captures. Currently at 31-years old, Sandara’s beauty definitely has matured a bit while still retaining her youthful look from her debut days.

Meanwhile, it was last reported by YG Entertainment that the 2NE1 would be making a comeback this summer, though further details have not yet been released. This initial comeback announcement was given following the departure of core member Minzy who has since left both the agency and the group. Should 2NE1 make a comeback this year, it will be the first that they will be performing as a three-member group.

2NE1 TV Season 2 Featuring Sandara Park

Source: Pann