2PM gives off warm boyfriend image in individual teasers for comeback

2PM officially dropped their first teaser with individual member images for their upcoming return this month!

Since their comeback is pushed back, JYP Entertainment was generous enough to pacify fans with two teaser images per member and not just one! The individual teaser images were released one after another in one-minute intervals, so fans only were given a single minute to digest before fangirling over the next member’s.

It seems like 2PM is taking on a softer concept this time round, contrastingly different from their usual beast-like concepts. However, Chansung‘s well-trained abs, Jun. K‘s chests, Wooyoung and Taecyeon‘s muscular arms, and not to also mention Junho and Nichkhun‘s manly gazes were still highlighted in the images.

After Jun. K’s friend teased that filming of a music video had already taken place, it is also reported that the group will make their comeback on June 15th.

Source: newsen