[★VIDEO] 2PM’s Jun.K tears up at solo concert; releases “With You” as Valentine’s Day gift

For Valentine’s Day, numerous K-pop idols have greeted their fans through video messages or selcas, but 2PM‘s Jun.K goes with a different approach, releasing a live concert version of “With You” on February 14th!

Jun.K completed his first solo Japan concert tour in May 2014, where he performed at various cities in Japan. His performances have been compiled into a DVD with planned sales starting on February 18th.

In particular, a DVD snippet of Jun.K performing the Japanese love song “With You” has been released as the singer sings how deeply in love he is, hoping to spread some love to his fans on Valentine’s Day. Before singing, Jun.K was overwhelmed with his emotions and even teared up in front of his large audience.

“With You” is included as one of the tracks off his solo Japanese debut album LOVE & HATE released in May 2014.

In other news, fellow 2PM member Wooyoung is making his Japanese debut with “R.O.S.E on March 4th, and will make his way through Japan beforehand with a solo tour as well starting February 19th.

2PM is scheduled to hold their 2015 Japanese arena tour as a group starting early April. Taecyeon also hinted through an interview that the group is preparing for a comeback in Korea.

Check out Jun.K’s live performance of “With You” below: