2PM looks casually good in new teaser images for comeback next week

With exactly one week left until their official comeback, 2PM dropped their second set of six teaser images, this time featuring the members in groups!

Last week, 2PM released their first set of images taken individually. Revealed on June 8th, this new series brought the photos to life, turning last week’s photos from black and white into vivid colors. Dressed in the same comfy-looking outfits, 2PM was first divided into two groups for the photoshoot.

Then, a mix and match took place, where the members were paired up, making fans excited when some of their favorite pairings became reality: Jun. K with TaecyeonJunho with Nichkhun, and Wooyoung with Chansung. Finally, 2PM gathered back together for a group shot. In particular, Taecyeon stood out the most with his glaring red silk top as he looked away from the camera unlike his fellow members.

2PM’s upcoming 5th album, No.5, will be released on June 15th, as indicated in small print around the album’s logo. They will face boy group competitors from this month, including BIGBANGEXO, and MBLAQ.

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Posted by 2pm on Sunday, June 7, 2015