2PM shares their top five favorite tracks with Billboard

Earlier in December, the members of 2PM sat down with Billboard to share their top five favorite tracks.

On December 16th, Billboard shared a video titled “Gimme Five: 2PM’s Favorite Songs” where the viewers are able to hear the members talk about personal favorites and the reason behind it. Some of these reasons included are because the fans enjoy the tracks and other pertains to growth and perseverance.

The first song is mentioned by Taecyeon and he chose “10 Out of 10,” 2PM’s debut track released in 2009, saying how they still perform it at every concert. The second song is “Hands Up” (2011), which was selected by Chansung and further described it saying,  “This song makes the crowd to go absolutely wild in every tour.”

Jun.K shared the third favorite song and it is “Go Crazy!”simply because he wrote the track, while Junho talked about their other track “Heartbeat” explaining that it was the track that pushed the group’s capability in performing onstage. Nickhun chose the track “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” and reveals that as they have been through very hard times and the track always brings it up.

Meanwhile, 2PM has also been nominated for Best International Tour, Best Male Group, and Most Anticipated Comeback for the 2014 International Hallyu Awards.