2PM’s Jun.K wows fans with his captivating performance on “King of Mask Singer”

2PM’s Jun.K receives the praises he deserved after unveiling his identity as the “Dream of the Square” on King of Mask Singer. 

In a recent broadcast, King of Mask Singer shocked their fans after a moving performance from contestant Dream of the Square. The contestant showcased his talent with a cover of the track “Mother” by RA.D, which brought the audience and some of the panelist to tears. BTOB’s Sungjae managed to guess the identity of the masked singer initially identifying his distinct husky vocals and broad physique.

As the program continued, Dream of the Square moved to perform his own rendition of “Rain” by Lee Juck, eventually losing the round to the other contestant, Music Captain.

With the masked singer unveiled his identity, fans of the program were shocked to discover Jun.K, main vocalist of 2PM, behind it. He went on to reveal that even his own mother did not know of his participation, before dedicating a touching speech for her in his final interview.

As his identity was revealed, the singer managed to become one of the most-searched topics in Korea’s online portals including social media platforms such as Twitter, as fans were in awe of his emotional performance and distinct vocal skills.


Source: Herald Pop