40 releases MV teaser for “Hold Me”

Solo singer 40 is back and releases a music video teaser for his upcoming song, “Hold Me.”

On November 25th, 1theK revealed 40’s music video teaser for “Hold Me,” which showcases his smooth, mellifluous vocals. Stepping along the train tracks in this grayscale teaser, he brings an autumn feel to the song as looks down the tracks in the sunlight. From walking on the tracks of the busy, urban area to the more secluded tracks set in the fields, 40, bundled in a patterned sweater, notes the difference between the two environments.

40 is a singer-songwriter who is known for his sentimental singing. Previously, he has composed and written his previous song, “Sing in the Spring.”

His song “Hold Me” will be released on November 26th.

Watch his teaser below!