4MINUTE releases gothic “Show Me” video teaser + album cover

On February 3rd, 4MINUTE gave fans more reason to look forward to the group’s comeback with a high-energy video teaser for “Show Me” and album cover.

Following the pre-release of heart-breaking ballad track “Cold Rain,” the ladies have teased fans with the official tracklist, photo teasers, and more video teasers to lead up to the release of Crazy.

In this video teaser for “Show Me,” the members are shown in gothic black concepts as they pose in front of barbed wire fences with dark and mysterious expressions.

Their outfits are highlighted by mesh and leather with the heavy rock elements of the backing track and the geometric theme of the video’s editing complementing the modern and chic feel.

In addition, the group has also shared a simple yet elegant album cover for Crazy. Showing a thin hand posing with four fingers extended, its white background contrasts with the dark nail polish. A golden necklace with a large “4” can be seen dangling from the hand.

The video ends with a date and time, teasing 4NIAs for the February 9th release.

Check out the video teaser and photo below: