4MINUTE reveals group photo with backup dancers on MV set

On February 10th, HyunA shared group photos of the 4MINUTE members and backup dancers who participated in the “Crazy” music video.

4MINUTE has been receiving much attention since their long-anticipated comeback and Crazy album release on February 9th.

The “Crazy” music video has a black-and-white concept and the 4MINUTE members and the dancers can be seen wearing all white to standout against the black set in the group pictures. There are two group photos from the set of the “Crazy” music video that were shared on HyunA’s personal Instagram account.

The photos show the 4MINUTE members posed similarly to their album jacket cover as they are hiding their faces and showing-off their personalized hats. The female background dancers are throwing up “V” signs with their hands while the male background dancers are casually posing to show off their charisma.

Netizens have left positive comments saying, “I really like this 4MINUTE concept,” “Everyone has really nice figures,” “I really want to be able to see 4MINUTE’s faces too,” “Congratulations on your comeback, 4MINUTE,” and “Everyone’s very sexy.”

The “Crazy” music video has been very successful since its release and currently has 2.8 million views on YouTube. Though a Korean blogger claims that “Crazy” has been plagiarized, fans have been very supportive of 4MINUTE. In light of the plagiarism claim, the members of 4MINUTE appeared on 1theK to answer fan questions.

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