4MINUTE shows their cool attitudes in “Cut It Out” MV teaser

On February 6th, 4MINUTE yet again delivered fans a short video teaser in anticipation for the release of their 6th mini-album Crazy, this time for their track titled “Cut It Out.”

The short video teaser uses a black and white filter, leaving the only color in the video to be the lettering on the members’ snapback caps and their brightly colored lips.

“Cut It Out” features a bumping bassline as the members showcase their cool dance moves while giving the camera a taste of their hip hop attitudes. The teaser of this track highlights the rap portions that are accompanied by some light harmonies in the background.

Meanwhile, the group has already shared video teasers for tracks such as “Tickle Tickle Tickle,” “Eyes,” and “Show Me.”

Their mini-album will be released on February 9th so stay tuned for more details.

Take a look here: