4MINUTE takes their first award for “Crazy” on MBC’s “Show Champion”

4MINUTE has gained their first music show award for their hip-hop track “Crazy” in the latest passing of MBC‘s Show Champion.

The February 18th live episode of Show Champion did not air, but the award for the episode was still revealed via the show’s official Twitter account. Taking their first award for their recent comeback, 4MINUTE accepts their trophy with happiness and was seen posing for the show along with their trophy in a photo.

HyunA and Jihyun put on aegyo poses with Gayoon happily holding out the large trophy in her hands. Jiyoon and Sohyun stood on the other side as they threw out thumbs up.

The tweet reads, “What is the Champion Song for the February 18th episode of ‘Show Champion’? It’s 4MINUTE’s ‘Crazy’! Congratulations to 4MINUTE for getting 1st place ^^”.