4MINUTE’s ideal type resurfaces after release of “Crazy”

The release of 4MINUTE‘s “Crazy” on Feburary 9th is drawing attention to what Hyuna and her fellow group members have said about their ideal type of guy.

4MINUTE appeared as a guest on KBS COOL FM‘s Lee Sora’s Gayo Plaza in January, and Lee Sora asked the members what kind of characteristics they consider to by their ideal type.

Hyuna plainly said that she is looking for, “Someone who I can click with and share a good connection with. I’m the type of person who has to spend a lot of time to start liking someone, but I haven’t met many people who matches well with me yet.” Though Hyuna’s response was simple, it drew much attention.

Nam Jihyun shared that her ideal type is “Someone who I can respect, but they must not be fickle.” The youngest member Kwon Sohyun said her ideal type, “Must be someone I like. No matter how much they like me, there’s no point if I’m not attracted to them.

Lee Sora responded after listening to the members’ answers, “Jihyun and Sohyun’s ideal types show that they are people who have dated a lot, but Hyuna’s ideal type that is based feelings shows that this person doesn’t have much experience with dating.”

Source: Hankooki and TopStarNews