50,000+ SONEs create gorgeous pink ocean for Girls’ Generation Tokyo Dome concert

Girls’ Generation performed for over 50,000+ adoring fans at the most famous arena in Japan, the Tokyo Dome for their concert titled, Tokyo Dome Concert The Best Live, where fans shared photos of their gorgeous pink ocean.

Celebrating their fourth year together since Japanese debut, the girls performed for the first time ever at the Tokyo Dome. The concert stage is one of the most prestigious in the world, and groups from Korea often celebrate their performances there for the high achievement.

Performing for the first time on such a massive stage since member Jessica was removed, was an extremely emotional point for the girls. However, SONEs came out in drones to support the girls, with over 50,000+ in attendance. The fans showed their appreciation with fanlights, creating an incredibly impressive show of lights called the “pink ocean”.

Congratulations to the girls and here’s to another four years and more together!!