6 Of Girls Generation Taeyeon’s Most Iconic Hair Colors, From Debut Until Now

No matter what, the queen’s always gorgeous!

Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon has been active in the industry for 12 years, and has amassed quite the legacy! Known for her beautiful vocals as well as her visuals, lets revisit some of Taeyeon’s most iconic hairstyles, from debut until now!


1. Brown

Taeyeon seems to prefer a low-toned colors like brown; she debuted with a brown color, and has gone back to it multiple times in her career with Girls Generation!


2. Black with highlights

Taeyeon’s sported black hair lots of times, but she always adds her own little flair to the single color with highlights!



3. Blonde

Blonde suits Taeyeon so much! She went blonde for a number of era, including her solo debut with her first mini album in 2015, I!


4. Pink

For Girls Generation’s Lion Heart album, the song “Party” was released as a pre-single to the album. For the music video and the promotions, Taeyeon sported pink hair and she looked like a goddess!





5. Orange

For TTS‘s debut with “Twinkle”, Taeyeon dyed her hair a bright, closer to orange shade of blonde that looked so good on her!




6. Blonde With Green Ombré, And Short Blonde Bob

When SM Entertainment first began their SM Station project, they released Taeyeon’s “Rain” as the first track form he project. Taeyeon surprised and with a cute, short blonde bob with green ends.

Bonus: Green hair from her “My Voice” album

But there’s a surprising story to that hairstyle! Taeyeon first bleached her blonde, and then tried to self-dye her hair green at home, and that ended up damaging her hair so much that she had choice but to chop it all off!


Taeyeon will be releasing the repackaged version of her best selling album Purpose on January 15, 2020, which will include 3 brand new tracks. She released her previous album with the single “Spark”.

Watch the MV here!

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