6 Times Kim Yoo Jung Looked Absolutely Stunning In A Beret

How can anyone be this cute and gorgeous?

Actress Kim Yoo Jung is well-known for her cute and gorgeous visuals, and there is one accessory she wears that heightens her looks. That accessory is a beret, which is a round, flat hat popularized by France and Spain.

Here are 6 times Kim Yoo Jung perfectly pulled off a beret.

1. White Beret

In this pictorial, Kim Yoo Jung paired a white beret with a yellow sweater.

2. Red Striped Beret

Kim Yoo Jung matched her red beret with a multi-colored skirt and brick red lipstick. The strawberry-packaged milk tea that she was drinking tied it all together.

3. Bright Red Beret

Continuing with a red beret, Kim Yoo Jung this time matched it with a blue and red button-down shirt.

4. Brown Corduroy Beret

In this picture, Kim Yoo Jung paired a brown corduroy beret with round glasses and a sweater.

5. White and Black Beret

Kim Yoo Jung once again wears round glasses in this picture, pairing it with a black and white beret and a denim jacket.

6. Gray Beret

In this picture, Kim Yoo Jung looks elegant in a pearl-studded beret and pastel blue blouse.

Which is your favorite look on her?

Source: Insight