[★VIDEO] 6-year old shocks judges with her intense dancing skills on SBS “K-Pop Star 4”

Six year old girl Na Ha Eun made an appearance on the premiere episode SBS K-Pop Star 4, in hopes to be chosen as the next biggest K-Pop star in Korea, where she stole the judges’ hearts with her skills and the audience with her aegyo smile.

The premiere episode of the popular audition survival show aired on November 23rd following Inkigayo, where JYP and YG Entertainment artist Baek A YeonAkdong Musician‘s Suhyun and Chanhyuk, who all hail from past K-Pop Star seasons, Wonder Girls’ Yeeun (also known as HA:TFELT), and Sunmi were present in the audience

Na Ha Eun had already tugged at the audience and judges’ hearts with her adorable appearance and smile, and completely won them over with her cute performance of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from the Disney Frozen OST album.

Just as the judges believed her performance was over, Na Ha Eun shocked them as she began dancing to a hip-hop choreography, showing off her swagger and throwing her hat offstage for the end.

Yeo Hee Yeol pressed the pass button, saying, “This is ajusshi’s first gift to Na Ha Eun.”

For those who are avid watchers of Star King, viewers may recognize Na Ha Eun from two years ago when she was praised as the “4-year old HyunA” after dancing to the 4minute member’s “Bubble Pop” and “Change,” boasting her dancing skills.


Source: Segye Ilbo