These 8 Female Idols Prove Monolids Can Be Beautiful

Although the trends of plastic surgery seem to imply that there is a popular favoritism for double eyelids, these eight female idols prove that there is much charm in monolids as well.

Netizens prove their diligence in researching female idols who shine with their monolids and have compiled a list of just a few to prove their beauty.

Kim Yuna

kim yuna

Park Bo Young

parkbo young





Han Yeri

han yeri

Ga In

ga in



Kim Go Eun

kim go eun

[+ 2607, – 114] Praise the queen….Just praise

[+ 1900, – 523] Now Now let’s not put Gain and CL in this list

[+ 1462, – 86] CL, Can’t live with out eye makeup

[+ 1210, – 91] Of course they look beautiful even with monolids they’re celebrities

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