8 Reasons Why Fans Suspect G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara Are Dating

Although unconfirmed, fans have been speculating that BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and famous Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko have been dating for the past 5 years. On multiple occasions the duo was seen together on what appear to be dates. From locations in Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Paris, they’ve been spotted hugging and displaying skinship. Rumors stating that they were a couple surfaced in 2010 and have since continued to baffle fans as to whether or not they are seriously dating. Although both have denied such a relationship, stating they are both “merely friends,” fans and netizens alike continue to wonder. ***The posts are sorted from newest to oldest.***

1. Chungdam-dong sighting
The picture below, taken in November of 2014, is a fan captured snapshot of, Kiko and G-Dragon on a dinner date in a gobchang house in the district of Chungdam-dong, Seoul. Although G-Dragon has stated that he will neither confirm nor deny the rumors, a close friend of his, Taeyang, said “I think it is only in South Korea where an official statement is needed for our private lives” in the member’s defense.

chungdamndong sighting

2. Paris fashion show
The Chanel 2015 S/S Show in Paris was held in September of 2014. G-Dragon is known very well for his extravagant taste in fashion, which let him take a few pictures with the brand’s creator himself, Karl Lagerfeld. The two sat only a few spots away from each other, and who’s to say they did not meet after?**Kiko is in the white dress towards the front of the picture, while G-Dragon is the man with the pink/salmon colored jacket and hat who is standing up in the upper picture.**

paris show

3. Okinawa sighting
A week before the Paris fashion show, a fan captured the two stars sitting together at a terminal and uploaded the pictures to various social network sites, quickly triggering another wave of curiosity regarding their romance rumors. The top picture shows the two sitting at a table, while the bottom picture shows G-Dragon covering his face with a mask in order to not be recognized.

okinawa 2


4. Itaewon date
In September of 2014, things become more intimate as the two stars are seen sharing a night on the town, visiting Itaewon and Chungdam-dong, Seoul.  The first picture features both G-Dragon and Kiko taking a picture while the second shows G-Dragon holding Kiko by the waist, showing how intimate they have grown with one another.

itaewon 1

itaewon 2


5. G-dragon’s birthday in Tokyo
G-Dragon held his birthday party in Tokyo last August, and Kiko was one of his guests. A picture uploaded by Yoon, Japanese rapper Verbal‘s wife and long time friend to G-Dragon, shows the many people who attended the party. G-Dragon can be seen in the middle, in full 80’s attire, while Kiko can be seen to his right, sporting a curly, blonde hair wig and a blue headband.


6. Christmas together
On Christmas of 2013, the two were spotted by a fan in Phuket, Thailand. The two shared quality time together, along with Harry Kim, a friend of G-Dragon’s. The picture shows G-Dragon with blonde hair on the far left, sitting with Kiko to his right, and Harry on the far right. Both shots show not only the identical lighting of the sunset, but also the same landscape in the distance. ***The picture on the left is from G-Dragon’s personal Instagram, while the picture on the right is the fan captured picture.***


7. 2013 Birthday party
August 2013. This is the first time Kiko was seen at G-Dragon’s birthday party. Both pictures are supposedly taken at the same angle, but the bottom picture shows Kiko’s face clearly in view.

gdragon birthday2

gdragon birthday1

8. Amusement park date
In July 2011, the two were sighted at an amusement park. Judging by G-Dragon’s blonde hair, the pictures must have been taken during the promotion of their music releases at the time. This is the first alleged date between GD and Kiko that was captured on camera.

amusement park1