9MUSES is classy and elegant for “BNT Magazine” photo shoot

The members of 9MUSES put together both a fun and high class concept in their latest pictorial for BNT MagazineBNT shared the making-of video of the pictorial with an additional message from 9MUSES to their fans.

Six of the members from 9MUSES gathered together to shoot a fun and classy themed photo shoot for their latest pictorial for BNT Magazine.

The group started off their photo shoot with a fun and summery feel, despite the current transition of autumn to winter season. The girls then threw on sunglasses and matching black and white themed outfits, while posing playfully and playing with balloons

9MUSES then switched off to a more serious and formal concept, wearing elegant black and red themed outfits and getting up close and personal with one another. The girls mentioned that they are currently working on their next album and asked the fans to look forward to it.

Check out their making-of video below!