9MUSES releases colorful comeback image teasers for “Drama”

9MUSES has unveiled a series of colorful comeback image teasers for their upcoming release Drama on January 14th, soon after introducing its new members to awaiting fans.

Wearing light, pastel colored wigs with their heads turned around or looking down, their faces are unseen in their jacket cover photo.

Similarly in their individual photos, Kyungri looks like a beautiful doll as she sits comfortably on the floor, surrounded by thin, sheer cloth, wearing a light, purple and short wig. Hyuna stretches out in a colorful bed of sheer cloth, looking into the camera with alluring eyes, wearing a knee length white skirt and light purple top, and adorning a pink, short wig.

Minha looks at the camera with charismatic eyes, fingering her yellow short wig as she props her elbow on her knee. Surrounded by light pink and blue sheer cloth, Sungah lays out on her couch, one shoulder revealed as she looks towards the camera with allure.

9MUSES will be releasing Drama on January 23rd at midnight KST.