9MUSES reveals mysterious D-5 countdown photo ahead of their comeback

A few days ago, 9MUSES uploaded photos of their brief excursion to Jeju Island, prior to getting fans anticipative towards the group’s hinted return. Now, their comeback seems even nearer as they’ve uploaded a D-5 countdown teaser image via Facebook!

The post of the image teaser showcases their logo against a chic background. With question marks below the logo, it succeeds in making their fans curious as to what concept they will approach this time around. The message reads nothing more than, “[#9MUSES] D-5,” promising more teasers and glimpses into their next project throughout the weekend and the early part of next week.

More recently, six of the members participated in a BNT Magazine photo shoot, though aside from that, the group has been steadily resting, amidst difficulties between their agency Star Empire and fellow co-workers ZE:A. However, it seems the nine members will come together once more to perform onstage through a November comeback!

Are you excited for 9MUSES’s return?

Source: 9MUSES Official Facebook