9MUSES reveals new members Keumjo and Sojin in new comeback cuts

On January 12th at noon KST, 9MUSES unveiled its two new members, who will be taking the stage for the first time for the group’s “Drama” comeback. 

The group tweets, “[#9MUSES] COMEBACK, new members ‘Jo Sojin’ and ‘Lee Keumjo’ have been revealed. Please look forward and cheer on the new start of 9MUSES. #NewMembers #JoSoJin #LeeKeumJo #SoJin #KeumJo #Revealed #Join #Drama #Comeback.”

Along with the individual solo shots of the new members, a group shot is also disclosed, this time revealing the faces of the new members Sojin and Keumjo, who were previously turned around.

9MUSES will be releasing their new album Drama on January 23rd at midnight KST.

9MUSES' Keumjo

9MUSES' Sojin