9MUSES shares pastel image concept teasers for Sojin, Hyemi, Euaerin, and Keumjo

The last set of individual photos for 9MUSES’ “Drama” comeback have been released on January 14th at noon KST, keeping with the pastel and colorful wig theme for their track.

Looking like a beautiful, porcelain doll, Sojin lies on a pastel sheer cloth, wearing a white long sleeved and frilly skirt completed with a black corset. With an alluring expression, Hyemi pulls off the short purple wig look, her finger lightly posed at her lips.

Euaerin takes a sporty spin to the concept, wearing white, high waist shorts and corset under a see-through white dotted long sleeve shirt, a pair of tennis shoes completing her outfit. Keumjo takes a simple photo, looking at the camera with a captivating stare and wearing a light blue wig on her head.

Earlier in the day, the image concept photos for Kyungri, Hyuna, Minah, and Sungah, as well as a group photo teaser. 9MUSES will be releasing Drama on January 23rd at midnight KST.