9MUSES takes a stroll on Jeju Island before preparing for their comeback

The members of 9MUSES enjoyed their time while visiting and walking through Jeju Island together. The girls uploaded photos on their SNS showing their fans how much fun they are having with each other.

Posing in front of the beautiful scenery of Jeju Island, 9MUSES took a short vacation as a group, despite the cold weather. The girls stood in front of the water and posed under the trees that are slowly changing color.

After a long day of walking, the girls then returned home where they enjoyed each others’ company and ended the day with a small meal and some lounging around. Through their Facebook account, 9MUSES uploaded these photos telling their fans, “Revealing all behind-the-scenes cuts on the beautiful island of Jeju! As much as you have waited, we will come back as a better group, so get ready!”