This Acoustic Version Of BLACKPINK’s “Whistle” Will Melt Your Heart

BLACKPINK was undeniably one of the popular rookie artists of 2016 with many of their hit tracks already receiving various covers. Recently, fellow label mates Akdong Musician recreated an acoustic version of the track! 

On January 5th, Akdong Musician met with fans through a secret show and a fan capture from one of their performance was widely talked about. As the fan explained, the sibling-duo performed an acoustic rendition of BLACKPINK’s track, “Whistle.”

Chanhyuk and Suhyun’s soothing vocals matched the cool tone of the track and their little musical adlibs adding more spunk to the track. A true Akdong Musician style indeed!

At present, Akdong Musician remains busy promoting their new full album Spring Vol. 2 and performing their title tracks, “Last Goodbye” and “Reality.”

Check out the full clip below!