Actor group 5urprise will release first album prior to Asia tour

5urprise is currently planning to release their first album later this month before embarking on their six country Asian tour.

Under fantagio group, Korea’s first actor group, 5urprise includes members Seo Kang Jun, Gong Myung, Kang Teo, Yoo Il, and Lee Tae Hwan. The group is planning to release their first album titled “5urprise 1st Single – From My  Heart,” which will be produced by Cho Young Soo and Kim Eana.

Even though the members are busy with their schedules, they managed to get together for a short period of time to record their first album. The agency noted that 5urprise will reach a global audience while still maintaining their careers in acting.

5urprise will begin to record their music video on November 4th and hold a showcase concert, Surprise Party, on November 18th before beginning their tour. The group will move on to six countries, including Japan, China, and Thailand. Their first album will be released on November 18th. 

Source: fantagio group