Actor Kim Bum gives off a manlier feel after losing 14kg

Known for his flower boy role in Boys Over Flowers, actor Kim Bum showed off his much more manlier charm to the public at a recent event.

On June 3rd, Kim Bum attended the press conference for the tvN drama Hidden Identity and exuded an “homme fatale” charm and charisma with his slimmer face and mustache.

Hidden Identify features Kim Bum as Gun Woo, Park Sung Woong as Jang Mu Won, Yoo So Yi as Yoo Min Joo, Lee Won Jong as Choi Tae Pyeong, and Kim Tae Hoon as Min Tae In.  The drama is an investigative thriller that follows an undercover squad made up of an array of people who goes on to solve many crimes and catch criminals.

Unfortunately, netizens who visited the article does not seem to be as fond of the actor’s newly found mustache as he is…

[+7,694, -167] Wow, handsome Kim Bum looks strange with a mustache;;; You’re really handsome but please save ㅠ

[+6,059, -159] Is he sick…He looks like a patient…

[+3,656, -34] His F4 image! Different.

[+1,305, -23] Seriously, he doesn’t look good with a mustache…

Source: TV Report