Actor Kim Hyuk to return to the big screen with “Some Murder”

After taking a short hiatus from movies, actor Kim Hyuk is finally returning to the big screen with an upcoming thriller, Some Murder!

On November 11th, Happy Actors Entertainment announced that actor Kim Hyuk has been confirmed for the lead role in a new mystery-thriller film, Some Murder, as a character named Detective Kim.

Detective Kim will be a character portrayed as an elite rookie detective who graduated from the South Korean Police Academy at the top of his class. Though his appearance may make him look like he lacks in skill, Detective Kim presents the best investigative work and insight on the very nature of every case. Detective Kim’s character will play a large part to the story line of Some Murder.

The actor has revealed that he is nervous about doing well in this new movie, since acting is his official career. He fears that his recent appearances on KBS’s Our Neighborhood Variety Sports will interfere with the film’s character.

Happy Actors Entertainment stated, “Due to his worries and fears, Kim Hyuk has already begun investing all his time into memorizing and rehearsing his scenario scripts. Though he may show some flaws, please look out for him with a lot of support and attention.

Further information has not yet been provided on when the filming or release of the movie will be.

Source: Asia Today