Actor Kim Soo Hyun Shares A Simple Health Tip With His Fans

Kim Soo Hyun expressed his worries over his fans in a recent Instagram update, posting a new photo after 31 weeks.

On January 25th, actor Kim Soo Hyun posts on Instagram a recent selca with a short but meaningful message to his fans.

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A photo posted by @soohyun_k216 on

With a black snapback and a mask, only Kim Soo Hyun’s eyes are visible.

Due to his small face and his handsome features, his good looks still showed through the mask. His short but brief messages, “Be careful of the flu,” also awed fans who visited his Instagram.

He is still filming for the upcoming movie Real, which is planning to be in theaters at the first half of 2016. He plays the role Jang Tae Young, a man with ambition and is a solution maker who decides to build a casino hotel to conquer a city.

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[ +45 / -1] I’m so happy to see his face finally! Please don’t get hurt and finish the movie in one piece. I’m so excited for real Jang Tae Young. I want to see him quickly.

[ +39 / 0] His eyes are so appealing.. T_T How small is his face for the mask to be left hahahahahahhaa

[ +39 / 0] Welcome~ I hope the film ‘Real’ does well

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