Actor Park Sung Woong rushed to ER during “The Deal” press conference

Actor Park Sung Woong has been rushed off to the ER during the press conference of the upcoming film, The Deal. 

On March 2nd (KST), The Deal held its press conference at Wangsipli’s CGV in Seoul. Prior to the press conference, it has been noted, “Park Sung Woong’s condition was not at his best today. He was rushed off to the hospital during the screening of the movie.” Due to the sudden incident, director Son Yong Ho as well as the lead actors including Kim Sang Kyung and Kim Sung Kyun were only present for the press conference.

Kim Sang Kyung said, “Park Sung Woong appeared to be dizzy earlier this morning. His shower scene was epic, it’s a shame that he left before that scene.”

Park Sung Woong plays the role of an evil murderer in The Deal. The film is a ruthless thriller film about two men plotting revenge for the serial murders of one’s sister and one’s wife. It is set to be released on March 12th.

Source: TV Report