Actors Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee show off their chemistry behind-the-scenes for film “Pride and Prejudice”

Behind-the-scenes stills of upcoming drama Pride and Prejudice featuring actress Baek Jin Hee and actor Choi Jin Hyuk were recently released. In the cuts, the two showed off their chemistry as a “prosecutor couple”.

In the upcoming Monday-Tuesday MBC drama Pride and Prejudice, Choi Jin Hyuk will be playing the character of Hyun Yeol Mu, a prosecutor who had graduated from law school. Baek Jin Hee will be playing a prosecutor with close to 10 years of experience in the Department of Civilian Welfare.

Insiders from the drama’s set revealed the two shared good chemistry on and off camera, and were also playful towards each other in-between takes. They have already settled into their roles, and take care off each other and the rest of the staff during the shooting. For example, Baek Jin Hee was revealed to have pulled a skit of being enclosed by a glass door as a joke to liven up the atmosphere.

The two actors also showed seriousness in monitoring their takes and are working hard to film the drama.

Choi Jin Hyuk was last seen in the tvN drama Emergency Couple with Song Ji Hyo, and an appearance on KBS variety show Happy Together. On the other hand, Baek Jin Hee was last seen in the MBC drama Triangle, starring opposite JYJ‘s Jaejoong and ZE:A‘s Siwan.

Sources: TV Report, The Star