Actress Gong Hyo Jin models for J.ESTINA RED’s summer look

A high taste fashion jewelry brand, J.ESTINA RED, has revealed actress Gong Hyo Jin‘s pictorial for their summer collection ‘J.ESTINA RED.’

In the revealed photo, Gong Hyo Jin styled a fashionable jumpsuit along with J.ESTINA RED’s newest summer collection. The fashionista highlighted the edgy and charming look perfect for the hot summer. The season’s must have fashion item, the choker, has been released as ‘Mistress No.4’ last year and renewed again for this year. However, this year’s chocker is heavily based on Gong Hyo Jin’s personal designs and opinions.

As a fashion icon, Gong Hyo Jin’s fashion and style have always garnered attention by many fashion bloggers as well as fans. After appointing the actress as their first muse, J.ESTINA RED successfully launched their brand last year.

In the meantime, Gong Hyo Jin has returned to the brown screen for a new variety drama series The Producers, airing every Friday and Saturday 9:15 PM (KST) on KBS.

Gong Hyo Jin for J.ESTINA RED

Source: News Korea