Actress Han Groo revealed to be dating + netizens’ responses

It has been revealed that actress Han Groo is dating someone who she affectionately calls “a very ordinary man,” and many netizens respond in favor of this couple.

On May 20th, Han Groo posted a picture of her boyfriend and herself on SNS, taken together in a beautiful public setting. The loving feeling is exerted in this picture collage, as it is comprised of a series of silly photos the couple took together. Officials say that she asks for more privacy as she dates her boyfriend, who she affectionately calls a “very ordinary man.”

In response, many netizens look favorably on her surprise reveal, writing many words of encouragement.

1. [+16894, -567] Han Groo is a fine woman. She has a great body, outgoing personality and good at acting. Have a happy relationship~

2. [+12720, -509] She’s so charming even from a woman’s perspective. Be cheerful ^^

3. [+11016, -327] Wow~ The guy is handsome. They look great together!

4. [+8080, -261] Have a long lasting relationship~~~~~

5. [+7368, -239] Have a beautiful relationship ㅠㅠ!!

6. [+984, -21] Very ordinary? … But he’s very handsome

7. [+834, -36] Great to see that she is going public with her relationship. Han Groo, do well!

8. [+98, -4] Such a foreign way of letting us know that she’s dating. It’s much better to come clean like this in advance rather than getting their pictures taken in hotels

9. [+89, -2] Heol. The boyfriend doesn’t look common at all

Recently, Han Groo has revealed her past debut as a singer on Happy Together 3.

Source: Naver