Actress Kim Ha Neul to star in upcoming Korean-Chinese collaboration movie

Actress Kim Ha Neul has been confirmed to star in the upcoming Korean and Chinese collaboration film, Making Family. This will be Kim Ha Neul’s debut in the Chinese market despite having received love-calls for Chinese productions in the past.

The actress’ upcoming role in Making Family was confirmed on November 6th. The film will illustrate an unexpected making of a family between an independent, career-focused woman who does not want a husband but dreams for a family, and a free-souled man who has no interest in marriage and family life. The love-line will show a unique and warm romance of an international relationship.

Kim Ha Neul will be acting as the lead female named Miyeon. The lead male role has been confirmed to be portrayed by popular Chinese actor Aarif Lee (Lee Chi Ting). The rest of the cast is expected to include other famous film stars.

When asked for her thoughts on the film, the actress stated, “I really like the warm emotion embedded in the movie. I really like the character Miyeon and hope to illustrate an attractive image of a Korean woman to an international audience.” 

Furthermore, according to a source from the movie’s production team, “We think Kim Ha Neul is the perfect actress who can best portray the character. Through this film, Kim Ha Neul may even establish herself as the representative of the Hallyu wave for many Chinese movie fans.”

Making Family, which will be filming in both China and Korea, is to officially begin its production in November or December.

Source: Sports DongA