Actress Kim So Yeon stuns fans with Queen Elsa cosplay

Queen Elsa’s popularity just seems to never fade away from the media, as actress Kim So Yeon stuns fans with her cosplay of Elsa from one of Disney’s all time favourite film Frozen. 

On March 6th, the actress shared her Elsa cosplay photo along with the caption, “Elsa falling for innocence♥,” on her personal Instagram account.

In the photo, Kim So Yeon’s chic facial expression flawlessly accentuates Elsa’s character. The actress is also wearing an ice blue dress and a tiara on her head, which resembles the snow queen. In particular, her never-before-seen blonde hair has caught fans by surprise.

Kim So Yeon is set to star in upcoming JTBC drama Falling For Innocence, which is set to air its pilot episode on April 3rd.

Source: Ilgan Sports