Actress Lee Young Ae to return to the drama scene after 11 year hiatus

Actress Lee Young Ae is to return to the drama scene for the first time after 11 years of hiatus. Her comeback piece is set to be Saimdang, The Herstory, scripted by the renown script writer Park Eun Ryeong.

As of March 25th, the production team Group8 has stated, “Actress Lee Young Ae has confirmed her casting for the drama Saimdang. The drama aims to officially begin airing by the beginning of next year.”

After much careful consideration, Lee Young Ae has chosen Saimdang as her long awaited comeback piece. The fantasy play follows a remake story by the genius artist Shin Saimdang and her tragic love story in the Chosun Dynasty. For the drama, Lee Young Ae will assume a complex character, playing both the role of an art history professor in the modern days and Shin Saimdang of the historic time.

According to the production team, “We have had Lee Young Ae in mind straight from the beginning and early planning stages. We judged that Lee Young Ae’s high class elegance perfectly matches Saimdang’s image. We are already fluttered and curious as to how Lee Young Ae will interpret and act Saimdang in the drama. Production is well underway with the aim of airing early next year. With Lee Young Ae’s casting confirmation, Chinese and Japanese media have been contacting us nonstop. In particular, we are considering to co-air both in Korea and China.”

Meanwhile, many fans are elated at Lee Young Ae’s return to the brown screen after the hit hallyu drama Dae Jang Geum for MBC in 2004 and another hit film Sympathy for Lady Vengeance in 2005. The highly anticipated drama, Saimdang, The Herstory has started the rest of its casting work and will officially begin filming in June.

Source: Osen