After K-Pop Prostitution Scandal Erupts, Cube Entertainment Denies ALL Rumors Of Involvement

Cube Entertainment denies all rumors that arose regarding artist C’s leave after scandal.

Earlier we reported the confirmation reports regarding rumors of the highly speculated artist C being involved in the recent prostitution scandal. But after Korean media NewDaily initially described the artist as a famous “glamorous and sexy female artist that made debut in 2010 and recently left her agency,” people speculated that Cube Entertainment abandoned her for the sake of saving their image.

Korean media NewDaily also attached a blurred image of the official webpage of the agency which was obvious to netizens that it was Cube Entertainment.

After confirmation of the female artist C to be involved in the prostitution scandal, many netizens both Korean and international criticized Cube Entertainment for abandoning her. Many accused that Cube Entertainment must have known that this news was going to be released soon explaining their action to not re-sign the artist.

However, through Korean media The Fact, the agency has released an official statement regarding such rumors by stating:

“We knew that the artist was investigated by the authority of criminal investigation after it has happened. There are rumors that we have decided to not re-sign the artist for the sake of saving the company’s image after knowing that the artist was involved in the prostitution scandal but these claims are not true.”

Source: The Fact